Facet Rebrands, Leads Seismic Shift In Financial Planning

Fintech company Facet, which offers personalized financial advice via a membership model, has rebranded.

21st Century Brand redesigned the logo and the website.

Formerly known as Facet Wealth, the firm has undergone a brand transformation and upgraded its virtual customer experience. Its state-of-the-art proprietary planning platform lets clients investigate different financial scenarios, while providing tailored consultations with their own certified financial planner.

It’s also upended the traditional financial-services model.

“The current industry model is broken,” said Anders Jones, co-founder-CEO at Facet. “It was designed for firms to make as much as possible from the client, rather than helping real people meet their life goals. Facet is turning this model on its head. We’re making expert financial advice accessible to the masses — not just the uber rich.”



Traditional financial services charge fees based on how much clients invest, taking more from clients’ pockets as their portfolio grows. Many financial advisors also earn commissions on products sold, which creates a conflict of interest.

Facet’s membership-based model rejects the fee model, so clients retain more of their money.

“Facet is leading a cultural transformation by redefining money as a tool for personal fulfillment,” Shruti Joshi, COO, told AgencyDaily. “With this groundbreaking methodology, we're transforming the personal-finance industry and providing Americans with the tools they need to unlock their full potential.”

The company currently works with more than 18,000 clients and manages over $1.5 billion in investments.

“Financial health is about so much more than hitting an arbitrary savings account figure. It is a vessel to craft the life you always envisioned,” said Joshi. “We are ready to scale our service in mass, helping individuals and families set seismic shifts into motion to build a better financial future.”

21st Century Brand work includes LinkedIn, HBO Max, PepsiCo and Fox Sports.

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