'Madtech' Platform Rebid Launches GPT-Based AI Campaign Analytics Tool

ReBid, an advertising and marketing intelligence platform has announced a new GPT-based AI assistant capable of analyzing past campaign data from over 20 ad tech platforms.

According to the company the new tool lets advertisers make data-driven decisions, optimizing campaigns, and improving ROAS across platforms such as Google, Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, DV360 ads, and other programmatic platforms.

Built on the latest GPT technology, the AI assistant can understand natural language and provide insights based on past campaign data.

According to Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO of ReBid, "This new AI assistant will revolutionize the way advertisers analyze and optimize their ad campaigns. With just a few prompts, advertisers can access deep insights that would have previously taken days or even weeks to uncover.”



Dingra does have a notable track record in the agency and adtech space. In 2007 he founded Mumbai-based WATConsult which became one of India’s leading social and digital media agencies. Dentsu was impressed enough that it acquired the agency and aligned it with Isobar in 2015.

In 2020 Dingra launched RD&X Network, billed as a “deep-tech network” that will “drive brand, business, media and data transformation.”  

Rebid was formed last year as a subsidiary of RD&X, which is based in Dubai. Find out more about the company here.


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