Cheil Chile's Campaign Exposes Murdered Environmentalists In Latin America

Cheil Worldwide Chile is taking a stand.

“The Activist Reserve,” its campaign to spotlight the critical issue of murdered environmental campaigners in Latin America, is running on, the online psychology platform. The work runs until September.

Most of these deaths are reported as apparent suicides. Cheil Worldwide and note these activists not only fight for nature, but their own lives.

Cheil used social networks to engage with NGOs across their channels on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, as well as with the networks of activists. The campaign was launched with video and social content and caught the attention of press and politicians.

The Activist Reserve engaged more than 100,000 Chileans in just 24 hours after launch, generating over $27 million in free media to date for and the “Law of Nature” bill, which modifies current law to protect environmental activists and human rights.



To combat the false assertion of suicide, "The Activist Reserve," which launched March 29, utilized the suicidal ideation scale and’s psychologists to evaluate and assess 500 key activists, setting a clinical and legal precedent about their mental health. Tests show they had no intention of taking their own lives.

“When we understand that the problem of nature really is in people, it is the first step to find a real solution. The Activists Reserve seeks to validate their mental health, and thus be able to defend the first link in the protection of the environment. This is a faithful example that big problems can be solved with small changes, which reflects the thinking of our team," said Felipe Ortiz, executive creative director of Cheil Chile.

"We applaud the team at for the courage to position their brand in our society by drawing attention to such a strong topic in our continent, which is often silenced."

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