Workers Are Taking ChatGPT Courses To Protect Themselves: Study

Consumers are trying to educate themselves in ChatGPT as best they can, according to a study by  

Of those polled, 10% have completed a ChatGPT course, 23% are taking one and 30% plan to.

Of those who have taken a course, 80% received a raise at work and 61% won a promotion. In addition, 61% were offered a new job.  

And of these respondents, 85% of respondents claim they increased their salary by $10,000 or more and 31% by more than $50,000.

However, 60% say they know someone who has lost their job to AI. And 57% fear the same thing will happen to them. Moreover, 58% fear they will be replaced by someone who is more proficient in AI.  

Still, 94% believe ChatGPT courses will make them more productive, and 92% say they will be more hirable. surveyed 1,593 Americans who are employed or a student in April. 




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