Bad Moment? Rebel Creamery Can Make It 'Better'

TDA Boulder, Rebel Creamery’s AOR, took an unusual approach to dessert.

In its “Feel Better Ice Cream” ad campaign, the agency utilized twisted humor to make a point. Sure, it is sad for kids to set a pet free, especially in the unpredictable wild. But they get compensation: Rebel ice cream!

The 30-second “Bunny” spot, which kicks off Rebel’s first major multichannel brand-awareness push, is memorable because it's edgy. The campaign runs across CTV, YouTube, digital, social, Spotify, geo-fenced mobile, rich media, influencers and shopper ads.

Digital and social spots announce: "You'll spend an entire year of your life in traffic” and ‘You’re staring at a screen 7 hours a day," followed by the words: "Feel better." 



“As a company, Rebel is already breaking the rules — creating a delicious ice cream with just 1 gram of sugar. Naturally, its advertising campaign needed to feel equally as rebellious, which is why we created the world’s saddest advertising campaign,” Jeremy Seibold, partner-creative director, told Agency Daily.

“It’s an unexpected twist that plays off a product truth — ice cream comforts us. By removing the associated guilt, Rebel made that experience better and easier. We simply created a campaign that provided the reason to do it,” he adds. "Nothing has made me happier than creating this sad sad campaign."

TDA Boulder was chosen as Rebel’s agency of record in fall 2022. Its roster includes Champion Pet Foods, FirstBank and Desert Door Spirits.

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