1-800-Flowers Uses ChatGPT For 'MomVerse'

While Mother’s Day typically marks one of the biggest days for the floral industry, 1-800-Flowers hopes to deliver bouquets with a 2023 twist: One-of-a-kind poetry powered by ChatGPT.

Using the service available on the company's mobile and desktop site, consumers can ask for a specific type of verse, like Haiku or a limerick, and share a few key words about their mom. They can print or share the verse through social media with one click. (Don’t expect Shakespeare, but the results are pretty cute.)

“We continually innovate our customer engagement efforts with the purpose of elevating the gifting experience,” says Jason John, chief marketing officer, in its announcement.

“The MomVerse is one more way we leverage emerging technologies to ensure customers can engage with us in different ways, enabling them to celebrate the relationships in their lives through their gift-giving gestures.”



The brand isn’t alone in its final sprint toward the holiday. The National Retail Federation estimates that 74% of those celebrating will do so with a bouquet or houseplant in a logistical frenzy to make moms everywhere feel appreciated. Teleflora and FTD aren’t afraid to get a little sappy for the occasion.

Teleflora’s new spot is called “The Hardest Part: A Teleflora Love Story” and highlights the many ways moms have to learn to let go of their kids, from first steps to starting school to leaving home.

Teleflora is owned by the Wonderful Company, and its in-house agency created the campaign. “The most pivotal milestones can feel both beautiful and heartbreaking,” says Danielle Mason, vice president of marketing, in its release. “What we don’t talk about enough is the challenge and void in moms’ hearts that lies ahead after the days and years have flown by. It’s an emotional and honest story we aimed to capture.”

The spots are running on social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

FTD is running a spot called “Gift Like A Kid Again,” starring young kids yanking up flowers for mom. “But maybe leave the flowers to the professionals.”

And Lowe’s is bringing back its popular freebie, offering a one-pint flower giveaway, with in-store activations.

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