How To Stage A Disney Upfront, In 39 Seconds

Actually, make that 39:02 seconds to be precise. That's how long a time-lapse video takes to show the beginning, middle and the end of putting together the stage for today's Disney Upfront event at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center in New York City.

Easier viewed than done. In reality, the project began with concept meetings in October 2022 with the physical building beginning in January of this year.

The final product's three stages are capable of supporting an audience of more than 3,700 attendees (not including the ones streaming it digitally).

Some of the details you may have missed while viewing the time lapse:

  • There are 3 custom chandeliers with almost 3 miles of gold beading in the party space.
  • Seven custom digital photo booths for attendee mementos.
  • A 3-dimensional Disney “D” for photo ops that is 8’ wide x 10’ tall and 3’ wide.



“It was important for this upfront presentation to demonstrate the power of Disney, and our unprecedented ability to connect with audiences," says Steve Calandra, vice president of creative studios at Disney, adding: "This event was designed to fuel excitement about our portfolio of global brands and build consensus that partnering with Disney is the best way to stand out in a competitive ecosystem.  We are so appreciative of the work of all our amazing vendors and staff – with a special shout out to PineRock, NMR Events and MC² – three companies that understands the value of collaboration.  We’re so pleased with the results of this installation, and we know that today’s presentation will be one for the books."

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