Braze Unveils Tools To Eliminate Redundancy In Tech Stack

Braze has launched a new suite of productivity features, including a tool that allows them to dynamically include or exclude audiences from paid ad campaigns. 

That tool, Braze Audience Sync, helps brands reduce paid media waste, the company says. 

Audience Sync also supplies access to three new Braze partners: TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Braze also offers a Drag & Drop Email Preference Center to help customers manage their email communication preferences. And Braze plans to streamline its SMS double opt-in process to help teams built SMS subscriber lists while complying with best practices. 

Another new tool is Live Activities, an iOS feature that displays real-time updates on the iPhone Lock Screen, by managing the Live Activity lifecycle and push tokens, the company says.

And, Braze has unveils a refreshed UI that prioritizes discoverability and helps marketers find what they need, the company says. 

The overall suite eliminates redundancy in the marketing tech stack, the company states.  

Using Braze, ClassPass has been able to “work more efficiently and collaboratively, ensuring we can deliver on our objectives with greater speed and agility,” says Ivy Wu, vice president of global growth for ClassPass.

“Specifically leveraging Braze Audience Sync, we’ve saved about two hours per month per channel just through automation,” Wu adds.


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