IPG, D-Wave To Use Quantum Computing For Audience Building

Interpublic Group and quantum computing software developer D-Wave have announced a partnership to create applications designed to build “high-value” audience segments in a variety of settings.  

The firms will utilize D-Wave's Leap quantum cloud service and IPG’s own data sets to develop the new assets.  



IPG recently launched a pilot program with D-Wave for one of the holding company’s top 20 clients to test the work in campaigns in a retail environment. 

“At IPG, we understand that every customer is unique, with very personal passions, behaviors and motivations,” said Philippe Krakowsky, CEO of IPG. “By working with D-Wave and adopting quantum technology as part of our tech stack, we believe we can uncover an even greater collection of data-driven insights to deliver more relevant and effective marketing for our clients, at scale.” 

“In today’s highly connected and deeply digital world, consumers are met with brand messages daily. Breaking through to reach the right customer at the right time remains a difficult challenge given the vast number of variables to consider,” said Dr. Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave. Quantum computing, he added, can more efficiently harness “a massive amount of data to create hyper-targeted campaigns that drive desired outcomes for brands.” 


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