Marketing Recon: What Companies Are Reading About Online

Marketing teams, including those devoted to email, are actively researching topics online. The biggest subjects are data and audience targeting — and of course, AI, judging by the H1 2023 Upswell Intent Trends Report, a study by Bombora. 

For instance, 70% are interested in customer data platforms and data privacy. And 67% are looking at data acquisition in the same context.  

But AI is one of the fastest-growing topics, as shown by these increases from Q4 2022 to Q1 2023: 

  • AI Automation — 64% 
  • AL/ML Operationalization — 64% 
  • Cloud Automation — 57% 
  • Industrial Automation — 47%  

In addition, there has been a 34% increase in interest in predictive lead scoring and 30% in the term target audience.  



Bombora analyzed data seen through its Company Surge platform, focusing on the manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and banking, software, cybersecurity, professional services, telecommunications, and media and advertising industries.  

Question it if you must, but the report provides a snapshot of what brands are thinking about. 

Manufacturers have shown heightened interest in these topics:

Wellness — 243% 

Personal productive equipment — 116% 

Eye, face and head — 76%

Wellness programs — 72% 

They are also studying these branding-related subjects: 

Corporate social responsibility — 40%

Custom packaging — 31%

Marketing tools — 15% 

Meanwhile, there has been more interest in security tools, cyberwarfare and transportation security. 

In general, marketers are also busily researching software solutions. The top trending software firms are: 

  1. Microsoft (MSFT) 
  2. Google (GOOG) 
  3. Apple (AAPL) 
  4. Amazon (AMZN) 
  5. Facebook (FB) 
  6. Tesla (TSLA)
  7. TalkingData 
  8. Cook Security Group 
  9. Intel Corporation 
  10. Applied Predictive Technologies (APT)
  11. IBM (IBM) 
  12. Sony (SNE)
  13. CrowdStrike
  14. Expel 
  15. Canonical
  16. TextLimit 
  17. Epic Games 
  18. Quest 
  19. InMotion 
  20. Voodoo Influencer marketing--+106% 

(Note: These listings should not be construed as an endorsement by MediaPost).

In the marketing arena, social media topics have seen a spike:

Influencer marketing--+106%

Social Engagement--+64% 

Social Retargeting--+60% 

Social Analytics--+10%

But there has been a shift in research on the metaverse. While the general subject has had a 50% increase, there have been declines in metaverse as a strategy (-21%), corporate metaverse (-39%) and metaverse consulting (-39%). 

The top trending media and advertising firms: 

  3. Tagger 
  4. Mighty Fudge
  5. Getty Images 
  6. Shutterstock
  7. Bailey Brand Consulting
  8. Periscope 
  9. Thomas Reuters (TRI)
  10. Centro 
  11. Birdeye
  12. Venables Bell & Partners 
  13. LPK
  14. Bulletproof 
  15. INDG 
  16. Kaleidoscope 
  17. Dentsu
  18. SpotX 
  19. Brandassador 
  20. Funnel


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