OMD Worldwide Tops RECMA Global Pitch Ranking

Agency research firm RECMA has ranked Omnicom’s OMD Worldwide number one in its most recent “Competitiveness In Pitches” report, released earlier this week. The report assessed media agency performance in new business pitches for both 2022 and over the last three years.  The agency was top ranked for both periods. 

The three-year measurement period is designed to measure consistency in competing for business. Havas Media was number two followed by Initiative, UM and Wavemaker respectively.  



For 2022 Carat was ranked second, Havas and Initiative tied for third and Wavemaker was fourth.  

The RECMA report details wins and losses by agency for each major holding company and other agencies. It details major pitches by region and complexity.  

OMD’s global wins last year for example included Roku, Amazon/Ring and Burberry. Activision was the one global departure. It also racked up 10 regional wins including Dr Scholls, Beiersdorf and Estee Lauder. RECMA recorded no regional client departures for the agency. At the country level, 16 wins were recorded and five departures.  

The report also examines pitch activity levels, noting that overall pitches were down 2% last year. Over the last decade, pitch activity was up 17%. It also looks at activity levels by region and country, noting for example that pitch activity in the Americas was up 8% but down 11% in the Asia Pacific region.  

High pitch activity countries included the UK, Germany, France and the U.S. Low activity countries included Singapore, Greece and Thailand.  

Commenting on the results OMD CEO George Manas said they illustrate that OMD’s go-to-market product is “the right offer, at the right time as brands are pivoting towards the digital and connected commerce strategies that are increasingly at the core of their business models.” 


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