Movable Ink Debuts Enhanced AI Suite Built On Four Models

Movable Ink has unveiled an AI suite featuring four models that it says can help brands achieve content personalization. 

Unveiled at the Think Summit, the new suite, Movable Ink AI, takes an ensemble approach to content personalization by combining machine learning, deep learning, and generative AI to individualize every experience. 

The goal is to achieve a “fundamentally different approach to email, allowing marketers to truly understand and take action on customers' individual needs,” says Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma.

Movable Ink AI includes the following models:

  • Generation Model — This tool, available in closed beta, leverages GPT to help marketers create and scale subject lines that highlight existing content 
  • Prediction Model — This analyzes customer behaviors, preferences, and campaign data to predict and automate messages
  • Vision Model — Leveraging computer vision and natural language processing, this solution detects, classifies, and tags visual and text elements from content
  • Insights Model — This model builds a unique profile for every customer based on evolving tastes and engagement data

Movable Ink claims to have delivered over 662 billion AI-powered experiences in the past 12 months.

Lands’ End, which has a customer base of over 6 million addressable customers and a weekly volume of 60 million emails, has tried Movable Ink’s AI capabilities in an effort to achieve scalability.

"We have already witnessed notable successes in terms of human workload capacity and personalization at scale," says Sarah Rasmusen, chief innovation officer at Lands’ End.

Rasmusen adds that the company is continuing to leverage AI, which she says "empowers us to innovate" and to "make a profound impact on how we engage with our customers and rapidly penetrate new markets, for instance."



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