Adobe 'I Love You, Acrobat' Launches With Its 'Own Kind Of Music'

Adobe teamed up with comedian Hasan Minhaj on a series of advertising campaigns to “liberate” people from paper, celebrating 30 years since its invention of the PDF. The I Love you, Acrobat spot launched this week, following the Acrobat’s Got It campaign.

The idea is to reach new audience by partnering with someone who actually uses Adobe Acrobat. Minhaj helps Adobe tie in an authentic story. He uses Acrobat in his daily life. As a two-time Peabody Award winner, "Daily Show" guest host, owner of the production company 186K Films, and upcoming star in “This Is Us” movie, he uses Acrobat in his daily life to collaborate on call sheets, film scripts, and standup scripts.

The campaign speaks to entrepreneurs, small businesses and working professionals who often wear many hats, causing them to be constrained by time, resources, and budget.

These working professionals navigate personal and business challenges.

Being able to get things done easily and efficiently is most important to this group of individuals. They are jumping from app to app to get things done, which takes forever, but convincing people to change their habits is the goal.

The spot demonstrates that as Minhaj goes through an office of working employees, showing them how to rid their lives of paper and conduct business electronically as Cass Elliot's iconic song "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" plays in the background.  

Adobe’s content -- I Love you, Acrobat -- is scheduled to run throughout the summer, but it has not yet been determined whether the campaign will extend past then.

Spots will run on Adobe’s website and social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Minhaj’s social platforms, and broadcast channels including MLB games, NBA finals and the PGA Tour. Golin and Wavemaker is the media buying agency.

Creating the spots in-house enabled Adobe to be nimble and agile. The first piece of the campaign, Scallops, launched six weeks after the creative kickoff. 

Adobe Studio has historically partnered with integrated agencies for campaigns of this budget and scale, but this time the company created the spot in-house, from concept through launch, and partnered with production company Ladybug to produce it.

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