YouTube Ups Monetization Of Traffic, Links From Shorts To Long-Form Videos

YouTube creators will soon have the ability to link Shorts to other types of content, such as long-form videos. The goal is to provide a safer way for creators to direct viewers to their other content and give them another way to monetize traffic.

Creators will have an option to add a link to any Short using an option in YouTube Studio. The feature allows creators to showcase up to 14 links on their channel page. The first link will be prominently displayed in the profile section near the subscribe button, and the remaining links will show when the viewer clicks to see more links.

Links to direct viewers from Shorts, which do not display pre or mid-roll ads, to long-form videos where both formats are supported. YouTube said the change takes effect by the end of September 2023.

The company stopped making certain links clickable as of August 10. Some of those links include clickable social media icons from all desktop channel banners. And beginning August 31, links in Shorts comments, Shorts descriptions, and links in the vertical live feed will no longer be clickable. This change will roll out gradually.

YouTube developers also are working on other “safe” ways for creators to share information and recommend products and brands. Beginning August 23, 2023, viewers on mobile and desktop will start seeing prominent clickable links on creators’ channel profiles near the ‘Subscribe’ button. Creators can use this space to share websites, social profiles, merch sites, and other links that comply with our Community Guidelines.

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