Milano Leads Digital Sales, Programmatic Audio For Katz

Katz Digital Audio has hired Dominick Milano as SVP, sales director and programmatic audio lead. The former Katz vet reports to Scott Porretti, president of Katz Digital Audio.

Milano has an extensive background in programmatic digital audio solutions, audio sales and ad tech.

In his new role, Milano will lead a dedicated digital sales teams and drive Audiology, the company's programmatic audio offering.

Katz Digital Audio provides advertisers access to more than 5,000 audio streams and 275,000 podcasts, reaching 230 million monthly consumers.

Porretti lauded Milano's "passion, knowledge and work ethic."

"The timing of my return could not be any better ... and programmatic execution becoming more commonplace. Under Scott Porretti's leadership, Katz's digital position is well-established and ready to expand," said Milano.



Milano, who began his career as a market research specialist at Katz, brings over 25 years of audio sales experience to the company. He also served as SVP of sales and business development for Azerion North America. Before Targetspot, Milano held the EVP role for Triton Digital.

Katz Media Group, comprised of Katz Radio Group, Katz Television Group and Katz Digital Group, collectively serves as a sales partner to more than 3,300 radio stations, 800+ television stations and various video and audio digital partners.

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