Mentos Notes The Candy's Quirky Uses

The latest Mentos work is a new music video from The Gregory Brothers, which acknowledges all the wacky things people have done with the candy. And it reminds viewers the mints are chewable.

Developed by Chicago-based agency Highdive, the videos are posted on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, as well as by The Gregory Brothers. 

“We really wanted to pay homage to the fact that the iconic Mentos mint has been enjoyed in many different, fun and comical ways over the years,” said Craig Cuchra, vice president, marketing, Perfetti Van Melle North America, maker of Mentos.

The music video features user-generated content from across the web showing the quirky, often inventive ways people have used Mentos Chewy Mints. It shows social media influencers, such as @inaecakes, making fine art with Mentos and even “cake-ifying” the product.



“The Mentos brand has some serious nostalgia, and we felt The Gregory Brothers were the perfect viral video sensation to bring this catchy song to life,” said Chad Broude, co-founder-co-Chief Creative Officer at Highdive.

The Gregory Brothers sing about the varied uses for the mints with the chorus: "Ohhhh, it’s true! Mentos were made to chew!” 

Mentos claims to be one of the five most popular refreshment candy brands in the world. It's available in 160+ countries. In the U.S., Mentos Gum has been the second-fastest growing gum brand over the past 52 weeks, according to IRI.

Highdive’s client roster also includes Rocket Mortgage, Jeep, Jersey Mike's and Boost Mobile.

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