Going Bananas With AI: Mailchimp Offers GenAI Capability As Part Of Intuit Suite

Intuit has gone full-force into artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, Mailchimp users will soon be able to create email campaigns with just a few clicks, the company says. 

Intuit Assist for Mailchimp was unveiled on Wednesday as part of a general suite of tools that fall under the name Intuit Assist. Intuit Assist is live for select Mailchimp customers, and will be rolled out in the months to come. 

In effect, the new Mailchimp tool provides small businesses with a GenAI assistant, allowing them to personalize marketing at scale based on data-backed decisions, the company says.

Users can create campaigns based on their brand identity and marketing needs. They can change the tone, text and image of an existing message or craft an entirely new one, Intuit says. 

Mailchimp customers can then schedule the campaign, and receive an action plan to foster engagement. In addition, they can generate automated draft email content in their Mailchimp inbox based on data from QuickBooks. 



Clients with long sales cycles can track leads through their sales pipeline. 

Intuit Assist has versions for these Intuit products:

  • TurboTax
  • Credit Karma
  • QuickBooks

With QuickBooks, small businesses can generate customized invoice reminders that can be more friendly in tone, the company adds.  

Intuit says it is creating “a future where we do the hard work for small businesses and consumers to fuel their financial success, helping them achieve their dreams,” says Sasan Goodarzi, chief executive officer of Intuit.  

This is happening amid conflicting signs as to the efficacy of email in general. 

For instance, UK-based Forward says it can replace “email chaos with dedicated digital sales rooms.” 

But NBC’s Peacock streaming service is sending three to five emails per week to both free and paid viewers, Marketing Brew reports. Given Peacock’s 24 million paying subscribers, that could add up to several billion emails per year, it writes. 



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