Google Sends Some Advertisers Through New Ad-Verification Process

Ad-verification processes are changing across Google, as the company continues to go through a slew of changes of its own.

Google will soon require some suspended advertisers to go through the advertiser-verification process to be reinstated in a policy set to take place October 10, 2023.

Those advertisers will first need to go through the verification process before being able to submit an appeal.

Advertisers that receive a monthly invoice will not be required to complete Advertiser verification and may directly appeal their account suspension.

Advertisers may be required to provide verification information for the account suspension appeals process such as the D-U-N-S number if the advertiser is an organization, and U.S. Social Security Number or phone number if the advertiser is an individual.

Google also updated its content policy for political ads when it comes to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) beginning in November. It will affect any ads using synthetic content, such as images and video that represents real or realistic-looking people or events.



The ads must include a “clear and conspicuous” disclosure for viewers of the ads.

In August, Google confirmed it would embed a watermark to indicate that images were created by AI. The feature, powered by technology from AI lab Google DeepMind, includes the watermark at the pixel level, meaning it will be difficult to alter, the company said.

Google is not the only company making changes to its policies. Microsoft in August changed the clause in its Terms and Conditions related to AI, and now prohibits anyone from reverse engineering or harvesting data from its AI software to train or improve other models.

Microsoft’s policies will take effect on September 30, and range from reverse engineering to extracting data.

Microsoft states that no one can reverse-engineer AI services to discover underlying components of models, algorithms, and systems. For example, no one can try to determine and remove the weights of models.


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