Spafax Flies AdConnect, New Media-Buying Tool

Spafax, an in-flight entertainment company, has launched AdConnect, a self-service media-buying experience that resembles programmatic platforms.

For agencies, AdConnect creates a streamlined process for purchasing airline digital ad spaces, offering varied inventory options with the security of IAB standard digital formats.

Agencies can tailor campaigns to specific demographic profiles, geographic regions and travel class.

Jean-Marc Thomas, managing director APAC at Spafax, said: “Airlines are keen to further monetize their digital channels through brand partnerships and advertising. However, airlines are sensitive to consumer perception and concerned about reputation. AdConnect is more exclusive than typical programmatic platforms. Only agencies and brands that are invited may use it.”

A key element of the platform is the opportunity to navigate the passenger journey across multiple airline touchpoints, such as before and after flights, or during bookings. 



AdConnect utilizes airline websites, mobile apps, notifications, airport lounge screens and onboard IFE systems to help brands leverage visibility. 

Current Spafax clients include Air Canada, British Airways, Emirates, Explora Hotels, jetBlue, LATAM, the Lufthansa Group and Singapore Airlines.

Spafax is owned by the WPP Group.

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