35% Of NFL Fans Regularly Use Pirate Streaming To Watch Games

More than a third (35%) of 3,200 recently polled National Football League fans reported that they regularly use illegal streaming sites to watch games, and 49% said they’ve used such sites at least once.

The percentages are even higher among some teams’ fan bases, with nearly 52% of Cincinnati Bengals fans and more than 47% of Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Baltimore Ravens fans saying they engage in piracy.

Extremely high piracy percentages were also reported among residents of certain states, including Pennsylvania (71%) and North Carolina (67%).

The survey was conducted by Richfield Research for Oddspedia, a Macau-based online betting too provider, using the Prolific research platform. The platform says its pool of 120,000 “active” paid survey participants are vetted for demographics and other information, and creates representative samples for surveys of targeted segments.



It found 39% of respondents reporting that they regularly use legal paid streaming services to watch games, 18% using cable (14%) or satellite (4%) pay-TV services, and 8% using antenna/over-the-air services.  

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