Marketing Architects Opens Platform For CTV Performance Campaigns

TV advertising agency Marketing Architects has opened a new connected TV platform to the marketplace.

Based on AI- and data-driven technology the agency initially developed for its linear TV platform, Annika Streaming claims to enable more efficient CTV and streaming premium inventory buys at rates significantly lower than leading third-party DSPs’, opening up more CTV opportunities for performance marketers.

The platform offers several layers of contextual, geographic and dayparting targeting capabilities, and retargeting; is fully integrated with dozens of streaming publishers; and buys inventory available on Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, and smart TVs, according to the agency.

Users have access to multiple measurement models running in parallel, including IP address tracking and holdout groups for incrementality testing.

The original linear TV Annika platform, developed six years ago, was designed to evaluate custom audience and performance criteria, set them against market trends and historical data, then calculate which media buys would drive optimal ROI for individual brands.

The result was a linear TV marketplace that delivered premium inventory for TV advertisers without premium price tags.

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