Consumer Cellular Takes Its 'Shot,' Touts Ease Of Flip Phone

Tech simplicity is cross-generational. Boomers and Gen Z appreciate minimalism in their phones.

And Consumer Cellular answered that call. In a recent survey, the mobile virtual network operator found a solid percentage of both demos want to simplify their lives.

The new phone offers online features without a constant barrage of notifications, merging simplicity with connection. The phone, which can text, browse and use maps like a smartphone, includes 8GB of storage for videos, music, etc. The "Shot on Flip Phone" work is by Consumer Cellular’s internal agency, Studio95, in partnership with The Mayor, a Nashville-based agency.

It extends the company’s ongoing "Freedom Calls" campaign, which debuted with Ted Danson earlier this year.



The focus is capturing ordinary moments, not promoting curated perfection or a fear of missing out. The “Flip Phone” campaign includes print and out-of-home ads across New York City, in addition to influencer content on digital and social channels.

All campaign images were shot using the IRIS Flip, which has a 3.2-inch internal screen and a 5MP camera with single flash LED.

The first piece of influencer content is live from Classic Dad Moves! There are also social posts on Consumer Cellular’s Instagram, X, and Facebook. Upcoming posts will come from @justaconstructionguySteph Barkley, and more.

"With one-third of all Americans looking to reduce their screen time, we saw a unique opportunity to tap into this retro technology to meet the desires of both Boomers and Zoomers. Our research found that both generations are turning to flip phones for the same reasons: fewer distractions, ease of use and to minimize tech dependency,” Craig Lister, chief marketing officer of Consumer Cellular, told Agency Daily.

"The 'Shot on Flip Phone' campaign seeks to rekindle our ability to live in the moment, led by our new IRIS Flip that offers everything you need in a phone, with nothing you don't," he said.

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