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P&G's Pritchard Kicks Off ANA Masters of Marketing

ORLANDO, Florida — Growing markets is what matters for brands, says Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer, Procter & Gamble.

“Growing markets is about creating business versus taking business from others,” he told the ANA Masters of Marketing audience in the opening session Wednesday morning during a presentation titled "The Next Reset."

And that growth requires resetting the bar on brand building and insights that lead to creating the best brands. P&G gains insight by engaging with customers where they live, work and shop, he said.

It also requires resetting the bar on inclusion, Pritchard said. For daily use products like P&G offers, pretty much everyone is a potential customer. Yet, the brand’s media and advertising is only reaching 50% to 70% of the market, he said.



Studying consumer behavior when it comes to a universal activity like dish washing inspires how to best communicate brand attributes to specific groups, such as families versus single consumers. 

A Cascade creative campaign for Platinum Plus increased dishwasher usage when consumers learned they didn’t need to rinse before washing -- and that even half-loads saved more water than hand washing. 

P&G used TikTok to demonstrate its new Swiffer Power Mop product. The creative was inspired by observing actual mopping behavior and beliefs, including that elbow grease was necessary to better clean.  The creative has led to double digit market growth, Pritchard said.

For another of its product categories, the company determined that a lack of period education -- not just for girls but for their moms -- and product availability has resulted in girls in some cultures dropping out of school. P&G's Whisper brand addressed this with an educational, award-winning campaign. 

Old Spice is delivering content for its men’s body wash with partners like Kevin Hart’s LOL Studios that reach specific and diverse groups of consumers. 

“When you grow the market, you grow market share, and you also grow sales and grow profits,” he said.  “Solving consumer problems helps grow the market.”

Brands need to be sensitive and accurately portray diverse audience without pandering.

“That’s why it’s so important to have a diverse workforce so that you can understand each of the consumer groups,” Pritchard said. 

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