Things Go Better With...AI-Generated Flavors From Coke?

This week, Coca-Cola shook up Las Vegas with its 'Destination Y3000' experience at The Sphere entertainment venue at the Venetian hotel. 

The experience was created to celebrate the recent launch of Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar drink—a “futuristic” and limited time offering--which the beverage company said is the first flavor it has created with input from AI technology.  



Highlights of ‘Destination Y3000’ include: 

  • AI-Powered Activation on Sphere’s Exosphere 

Striking visuals will take over Sphere’s Exosphere as fans are transported to a futuristic city in an "only-Coke-can-do experience" using the power of AI technology.  

  • Jonas Brothers Hologram Experience 

The Jonas Brothers helped announce the experience on their Instagram page, and fans reacted to the comments trying to figure out what the post meant with speculation of an upcoming residency at the new entertainment venue in Las Vegas. The post was actually promoting ‘Destination Y3000’ and their appearance as a hologram at the event in Las Vegas.   

  • Marshmello Surprise Performance in Front of Sphere 

Marshmello did a surprise performance in front of Sphere in Las Vegas on Thursday. Fans got to hear an exclusive set by the DJ as the Sphere illuminated behind him with AI visuals from the beverage marketer.   

The experience, a collaboration between Coca-Cola Co., and WPP Open X, runs Nov. 9-13.  




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