Coca-Cola Tastes The Future In AI

Coca-Cola has created a limited-edition flavor under its Coca-Cola Creations platform--the third to debut this year, but the first co-created by human and artificial intelligence (AI). 

The company launched the Creations platform in 2022 to highlight its signature beverage while drawing in younger consumers. It has since launched seven flavors.

AI has not only helped advertisers and marketers improve content and targeting, but also expedite development or plan for the future
duct roadmaps.

Y3000 Zero Sugar and a full-sugar version are being launched in select markets worldwide, with both options being sold in the United States.  

Creating the taste of the Y3000 beverage required multiple steps. Coca-Cola researchers collected key flavor preferences and trends to understand what consumers imagine the future would taste like. The information was analyzed by its AI system to develop flavor profiles. 



Scanning a QR code on the Coca-Cola Y3000 can directs fans to the Creations Hub, where they can use the customized Y3000 AI Cam to imagine what the world could look like in the year 3000.

The camera on the phone allows users to snap a photo of their favorite outdoor setting, while the Y3000 AI Cam will generate a futuristic vision of the image. Users can then share their vision with followers on social channels.

Coca-Cola in February struck a deal with management consultancy firm Bain & Co. to explore the use of OpenAI tools including systems ChatGPT, DALL·E and Codex. Company executives at the time identified opportunities to enhance its marketing efforts, as well as explore ways to improve its business operations and capabilities.

Bain & Company announced the global services alliance with OpenAI that same month, as well as its agreement with Coca-Cola, which became the first client to use the service.

The idea is to test the boundaries of technology and taste.

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