Netflix, Prime Video Have Stickiest Subscribers, Peacock's Jump Ship Soonest

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have the longest-duration subscribers among major streamers, according to data from  Parks Associates’ ongoing streaming surveys.

Netflix — which as the oldest major streamer has had years to establish loyalty — is out front, with an average subscriber duration of more than 55 months, or four-and-a-half years.

Prime Video — also well-established and helped in no small part by being built into the Amazon Prime loyalty program — is not far behind, with an average subscriber duration of 50 months, or just over four years.

Both streaming services have consistently maintained the longest subscriber tenure over the past several years of the surveys, and their average subscription duration increased by three to four months from Q3 2022 to Q1 2023.



Hulu is also notably sticky, with an average of three years’ duration.

Starz, Paramount+ and Disney+ are all averaging slightly over 20 months, or under two years, and Max and Apple TV+ are at about 18 and 16 months, respectively.

Peacock is at the bottom of the bunch, at just about a year.

Churn rate has become a focus of attention by streaming services and analysts alike, as it is a particularly critical factor in determining a service's profitability or lack thereof.

“Households are still experimenting with different services as they evolve over time to build their own service stack,” said Eric Sorensen, director of Parks Associates’ Streaming Video Tracker report.

While service consolidation, including HBO’s transition to Max and Paramount+’s addition of Showtime content, has changed subscription dynamics, “it is having a limited effect on churn for these services,” Sorenson reports. 

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