Dwayne Johnson, Acorns Launch Debit Card To Encourage Savings

Actor Dwayne Johnson (“Black Adam,” “Jumanji”) and Acorns, a savings and investing app, have launched the Mighty Oak Debit Card.

The debit card was created to help Americans with overspending and under-saving. It allows customers to round-up — they can invest their spare change from each purchase to the nearest dollar. Also, using paycheck split, Acorns automatically saves and invests a piece of every paycheck in diversified ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

The campaign spot, created in-house at Acorns, runs across linear, streaming and OTT, as well as Meta and TikTok. The company’s affiliate network is also promoting the partnership and card.

The company says the Mighty Oak Card provides a 3% checking APY and 5% APY on the card’s emergency fund without any minimum deposit or balance. The Acorns Later feature is available for those who want to plan for retirement.



Shilpa Reddy, senior vice president, marketing at Acorns, told Agency Daily: “Our goal is to put the responsible tools of wealth-making in everyone’s hands through our products. Our 2023 Money Matters Report showed 60% of respondents didn’t invest at all, and over 80% didn’t believe they had to start saving for retirement now. By making saving and investing accessible for everyone, even if all you can invest is spare change, Acorns helps set consumers up for a strong financial future.”

Johnson isn’t just a promoter. He’s also an investor in Acorns.

When he was cut from the Canadian Football League and left jobless in his early 20s, he had only $7 to his name. Later finding success as an actor and film producer, he became a big supporter of financial literacy.

“I’m personally invested in helping and rooting for people to achieve financial stability and success,” said Johnson. “I’ve worked with Acorns to create a one-of-a-kind card that makes it easy for people to prioritize saving and investing so they can build a solid foundation for their future. I’ve been there, and know what it’s like to count every dollar and save every cent possible to provide for my family and myself.”

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