DV, IAS Expand Brand Safety Measurement To YouTube Shorts

Measurement platforms DoubleVerify/DV and Integral Ad Science have each expanded their YouTube brand safety and suitability measurement capabilities to YouTube Shorts. 

Both platforms already offer viewability and invalid traffic (IVT) measurement for YouTube Shorts. 

The latest capabilities allow advertisers to get third-party verification that campaigns are reaching targeted audiences within safe content. 

YouTube Shorts, which lets creators produce videos with their mobile phones, attracts more than 2 billion logged in users per month. Marketers use Shorts to connect with audiences via interactive, mobile-first creative and extend the impact of their YouTube campaigns.

DV employs manual reviews and proprietary AI-driven tools to accurately classify YouTube Shorts videos across all industry-standard GARM brand safety and suitability categories, additional DV suitability categories and 40-plus supported languages.

Advertisers can access GARM-aligned brand safety and suitability settings and leverage the same level of insights across different platforms and publishers to inform future media planning and buying decisions across media, according to the company. 



IAS has added the brand safety and suitability measurement capabilities, with video-level transparency as defined by GARM, to its existing Total Media Quality for YouTube product suite. That suite, which spans 30+ languages, also includes the viewability and invalid traffic measurement capabilities for YouTube Shorts. 

Editor's note: This has been updated to reflect that IAS, as well as DoubleVerify, have recently added the safety and suitability measurement capabilities. 

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