Teads Adds CTV, Omnichannel Carbon Emissions Measurement

Global digital media platform Teads has integrated carbon emissions reporting, powered by sustainability platform Scope3, in its programmatic ad manager.

The reporting gives advertisers and agencies a holistic view of emissions from CTV and omnichannel campaigns, with comparisons to global benchmarks.

The emissions monitoring spans four emission sources: media distribution, measuring emissions associated with the delivery of media content, including the infrastructure used by the publisher; ad selection, reporting total emissions of the advertising parties involved to select an ad; creative distribution, evaluating associated emissions, including data transfer and vendors; and consumer device that reports emissions associated with the consumer’s mobile, desktop or TV, including device manufacturing and electricity consumed during the media and ad experience.

The cloud-based, cookieless Teads platform provides access to ad inventory from publishers around the world. Partners can serve video, rich media display and native ads across all of their content, on all platforms and use buy-side, sell-side, creative, data and AI optimization technologies within the end-to-end solution.



The company says its direct integrations with publishers allow it to offer inventory that yields a 35% average reduction in ad selection emissions, based on a November 2023 emissions evaluation using Scope3 on 2.5 billion impressions delivered globally.

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