Guinness Introduces 'Foot Pints' Boots For Winter Trips To The Pub




Foot pints? That’s not a typo. In a new campaign from agency AMV BBDO, the brand is introducing a new merchandise offering. Describing the release as “The only boots you need to get a round in,” the brand teased the Guinness Foot Pints on its website with a video from partner agency AMV BBDO. The teaser video shows a pair of boots wading through the snow before heading into a local pub, leaving prints shaped like a pint of Guinness behind in the process, before concluding with the line, “Pave your way to the pub.”

The agency celebrated the campaign launch on its LinkedIn page, writing, “In this new twist on the iconic pint play, we've launched a campaign featuring a pair of black & white snow boots that will leave a trail of Guinness footprints on the streets of Ireland and beyond.”



The stunt builds off the identifiable shape of the brand’s pint glass while celebrating the Guinness connection to pub culture, according to a statement by Diageo Senior Brand Manager Jennifer Gleeson published in Creative Salon.

Guinness is hyping a limited-edition release of an unspecified number of the boots on its merchandise page, asking consumers to register their interest to receive updates with further information.

While the holiday campaign may center around the boots, don’t expect them to available in time for Christmas gifting. The brand’s initial message to consumers expressing interest reads: “Thank you for your interest in Guinness Foot Pints. Good things take time. So does crafting the perfect pair of boots. While we’re looking into making them, there’s still time to fill your boots on some other Guinness merch before Christmas.”

Elsewhere in the brand’s seasonal merchandise collection, consumers can find more expected releases like holiday sweaters and beanies, socks, and a Guinness cookbook.

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