Substack Says It Has Removed 5 Publishers For Violating Its Content Rules

Substack, which has been strongly criticized for allowing Nazis to use its platform, has removed five publications that it says violated its content rules by inciting violence against groups. 

Substack did not name the publishers. Platformer said they supported Nazi ideology. 

“If and when we become aware of other content that violates our guidelines, we will take appropriate action,” the firm’s co-founders Chris Best, Hamish McKenzie and Jairaj Sethi said in a statement.

They continued: “We are actively working on more reporting tools that can be used to flag content that potentially violates our guidelines, and we will continue working on tools for user moderation so Substack users can set and refine the terms of their own experience on the platform.”  



Last month, over 100 Substack publishers signed an open letter condemning the service for allowing alleged Nazis to use its platform. 

Calling itself Substackers Against Nazis, the group asks: “Why are you platforming and monetizing Nazis?” 

The letter charges that some newsletters by Nazis and white nationalists have thousands or tens of thousands of subscribers. 

“From our perspective as Substack publishers, it is unfathomable that someone with a swastika avatar, who writes about ‘The Jewish question,’ or who promotes Great Replacement Theory, could be given the tools to succeed on your platform,” they wrote. “And yet you’ve been unable to adequately explain your position.” 

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