New Ad-Option CTV Sign-Ups Top Ad-Free For First Time In November

November 2023 marked the first time that more streaming sign-ups took place for ad-supported than for ad-free streaming subscriptions.

Antenna,  a research company covering the subscription economy, said 11.2 million ad-supported signups -- representing 51% of all premium streaming signups -- occurred in November, with 49% or 10.8 million sign-ups for advertising-free platforms. 

A total of 22.0 million sign-ups occurred in November for overall advertising-free and ad-supported platforms.

Peacock added 3.3 million in the month or 15% to the overall total, while Hulu grew 14% (3.08 million); Disney+, 7% (1.54 million); Paramount+, 6% (1.32 million) and Max, 5% (1.1 million),  and another 860,000 ad-supported subscribers went to Netflix or Discovery+. 



The data also includes all versions of advertising-free platforms of those listed above, as well as Apple TV+ and Starz.

Earlier in the year, for the six months preceding November 2023, total ad-free sign-ups represented 60% or more share of overall new premium streaming subscribers.

For months, critics have talked up the sharply rising growth -- in terms of viewership and other metrics -- that has come to ad-supported streaming.

Earlier this week, New Street Research estimated Netflix will grow an additional 13 million ad-option subscribers for 2024. 

In November 2023, Netflix said it had 15 million global monthly active users for its “Basic With Ads” option.

This month Amy Reinhard, president of advertising for Netflix, said that number had grown to 23 million.

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