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Oikos Enlists Martin Lawrence, Shannon Sharpe For Broadcast-less Super Bowl Campaign


Oikos is launching a Super Bowl campaign illustrating the super-hero-like powers provided by its protein content, while focusing its message on streaming platforms and social channels instead of a costly broadcast buy.

The campaign is built on a strategy of recruiting new Gen Z and younger millennial consumers who are “very interested in having a more nutritious life,” Danone North America President and General Manager Rafael Acevedo told Marketing Daily.

“Consumers are focused on higher protein nutritious food for their everyday activities” and more nutritious snack options that are high in protein, he explained. “Oikos can play an important role in that space.”

The Danone Greek yogurt brand’s ad -- which represents its fifth consecutive year running a campaign during the Super Bowl -- will run across platforms including Paramount+ and NFL streaming apps, as well as being hosted on the brand’s Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube channels. “We’re seeing [younger millennial and Gen Z audiences] more on these platforms and want to follow consumers where they are,” Acevedo said.



Directed by Wayne McClammy, the ad features pro football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe and actor/comedian Martin Lawrence. The pairing of an athlete and non-athlete was a strategic choice to illustrate the core insight that it’s not just athletes who need protein-rich foods for strength to fuel them to overpower everyday obstacles, Acevedo explained.

“Hold My Oikos” riffs on the phrase “Hold My Beer.” The spot opens on Sharpe and Lawrence in the middle of a round of golf when they find themselves staring down their golf cart submerged in a water hazard. Instead of calling for a tow, they opt for a more DIY approach -- with the more unexpected half of the pair doing the heavy lifting, before highlighting the 20 grams of protein found in Oikos Pro and 15 grams in Oikos Triple Zero, while concluding with the “Stronger Makes Everything Better” tagline.

In a statement, Sharpe said it was “fun to play a different type of role on Game Day,” while adding that he is “personally passionate“ about the brand’s  “mission of tackling nutritioni inequities through its work with HBCUs,” alluding to Oikos’ program kicked off in partnership with Jackson State University this past summer, with a goal of expanding to other HBCUs. 

In addition to the ad, the “Hold My Oikos” campaign includes in-store displays, paid and earned media, and a “Snack Strong Oikos” sweepstakes offering participants a chance to win $25 and $50 Fanatics gift cards, and a Grand Prize Home Theater package.

The marketing investment comes at a strategic time for the Danone brand, as it seeks to maintain momentum in the months ahead. “We know intentionality around consuming yogurt is strongest at the beginning of the year,” Acevedo said, touting the importance of kicking off 2024 with a strong start.

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