X To Match Brands With Selected Content Creators Through New Ad Option

X has announced its new “Creator Targeting” ad option, which enables advertisers to run ads against a curated list of pre-selected content creators in the app. 

“This means giving advertisers more control to be able to use the self-serve X Ads Manager to run ads against the content of their chosen creator(s),” the company wrote in a blog post.

Creator Targeting -- which pairs brands with approved video creators -- marks the next step in X’s ongoing “video-first” initiative.

The new program builds off of the platform’s “Amplify” program for video content sponsorship, a feature launched in 2015 that invites brands to better monetize their video uploads on the app.

With Creator Targeting, ads are displayed on a brand’s selected creator’s content as pre-roll, allowing direct exposure to the creator’s followers, increasing the possibility of a brand appealing to a specific target audience.



X, previously known as Twitter, has not yet announced which creators will be part of the program. YouTube star MrBeast was the first creator to try it out, uploading a three-month-old clip from his YouTube channel and seeing $260K from X within the first week.

“But it’s a bit of a facade,” MrBeast posted after reporting his payout, stating that he probably wouldn’t have made as much money if advertisers hadn’t seen the attention he was getting and bought ads on his video. “My revenue per view is prob higher than what you’d experience,” he added.

Regardless, $260K is a major payout that will attract the attention of other creators with massive followings like MrBeast.

By adding more high-profile creators to its roster, X would be able to offer users a wider variety of viral video content while potentially luring more advertisers to the platform after driving top publishers away with harmful content and ceaseless brand safety concerns. 

X is also building out its video offerings via a plethora of new exclusive content deals for in-app mini shows hosted by right-wing talk-show host Tucker Carlson, as well as Don Lemon, whose new “Don Lemon Show” is preparing to air soon; Tulsi Gabbard, who is planning a series of political documentary-style offerings; and Jim Rome, who will soon launch a new version of “The Jungle,” which is slated to run five times per week.

Last week, X signed a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment, which will feature a weekly video series showcasing “fast-paced, action-packed faceoffs” directly on the app.

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