Everywhere All At Once: How Franchise Brands Can Send Localized Email

Attendees at the International Franchise Association convention in Phoenix have a new email capability to ponder -- one that can help them solve a seemingly insolvable problem. 

Marketing automation platform ActiveCampaign is using the conference to launch a tool called ActiveCampaign HQ.

Among other things, this solution allows franchise brands to create and send personalized and localized email marketing and SMS campaigns across multiple customer bases.

The goal is to help users “save thousands of dollars each month and improve their marketing by bringing all their locations into one platform, giving them scalable control,” says Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign.

In plain terms, the new offering allows franchise marketers to share consistent messaging and branding across their locations, while also personalizing content and images, the company claims.



Users can maintain brand integrity and cut down on the time and risks associated with manual communication testing, it adds.  

VandeBoom acknowledges that “ensuring consistent marketing across multiple locations is tough, often leading to fragmented or irrelevant campaigns. We understand how time consuming and expensive it is to manually sync everything across your regional operations.”

Please don’t take this as an endorsement — there may be other platforms out there that do the exact same thing. But this is one that specifically addresses the headaches suffered by franchise marketers. And they deserve some attention.

You’ll know who they are if you see them lining up at Booth 1423.


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