Apple Brings Epic Games Store, Fortnite Back To iOS Devices In EU

Due to changes made by the Digital Markets Act (DMA), video game and software creator Epic Games announced that its Apple developer account has been reinstated in the European Union. This allows the company to launch a digital storefront for iOS later this year, while also inviting users to download its metaverse world-building game "Fortnite" on iPhones. 

The Epic Games Store and "Fortnite" were originally removed from the Apple App Store four years ago. Epic then sued Apple over its app store policies, which required game developers to use Apple’s payment platform for in-app purchases, charging a 30% fee. 

Apple was not deemed a monopoly in the lawsuit, but was legally forced to accommodate developers by giving them the option to post links to other places where they can pay for Epic Games’ app-store products, like "Fortnite," without having to pay the 30% cut of sales that Apples takes via its in-house payment system.  



Now, because of the DMA -- a set of rules that go into effect on March 7 and intend to limit the power of the world’s most influential tech companies, acting as “gatekeepers” -- Apple must allow apps to be installed from alternative sources beyond its app store. 

Epic first announced that it was deciding to relaunch "Fortnite" and its digital storefront on iOS in the EU in January. Now, it has become clear that Apple has granted the company a developer account, making it easier for developers to distribute apps and content across Apple’s platforms. 

“Under what possible theory of antitrust regulation is it acceptable for a monopoly to decide what companies are allowed to compete with it, and on what terms they can compete?” wrote Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny back in January. “Apple makes a mockery of free market competition.”

For users in the U.S., "Fortnite" is still unavailable on the Apple App Store. Users must rely on Xbox Cloud Gaming or GeForce Now to access the game on their Apple device. 

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