Jack Morton Conveys Brand Experiences Via Xara, New AI Tool

AI is everywhere — and brand experience agency Jack Morton has given it a singular twist.

The agency has created Xara, an AI-generated virtual intern that explores emerging technologies to help shape brand experience. It will showcase Jack X, Jack Morton's innovation practice, which offers expertise in AI, data, and real-time 3D.

An introductory video is running on Jack Morton and Jack X social channels.

Xara will share insights on experience innovation, as well as AI's uses via social content and podcasts. Future plans include Xara's own social channels, TikTok videos and appearing as a guest on the Jack X podcast. It could also be employed in showing case-study videos in pitches.



"Everything is a lower resolution version of what it will be in future. It already helps reimagine what brand experience can be. We anticipate it will evolve quickly into a valuable member of the team," Damian Ferrar, Jack X's global head, told Agency Daily. "Xara brings a fresh perspective, not just telling but showing marketers the possibilities of AI." 

The 3D character Xara and assets were designed by the Jack X London in-house design and development team. Unity was chosen to build and rig the character, due to its real-time animation properties, alongside a text-to-speech AI plugin, with real-time lip syncing.

Part of IPG, Jack Morton also has specialized practices that include Jack Health, Vivi, Jack 39 and Genuine. TikTok, Canva, Here Technologies, Unilever and Cadillac are among the agency's clients.

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