Link Save: Don't Drive Customers Away With Malfunctioning Emails

Maybe this hasn’t been top of mind lately, but are you protecting your brand from broken email links?

Broken links are more than an annoyance: They can harm your reputation and drive customers away.

Here’s one possible remedy: Litmus has launched a product called Link Monitoring that can help marketers “send emails with confidence, safeguarding their brand's reputation, orchestrating seamless customer journeys and maximizing email revenue,” says Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. 

Why is this important? "With email volume tripling over the past three years alone, manual link testing is an insurmountable task for marketers," Nierenberg says. 

He adds, “In today's digital landscape, emails transcend mere messages; they're a reflection of your brand identity and customer commitment. Maximizing the effectiveness of every send has become a necessity for any successful email marketing program."



There’s no argument about that. But how can Link Monitoring help? Litmus claims it:

  • Monitors links in enrolled emails without any manual work.
  • Sends alerts when broken or slow-loading links are detected.
  • Resolves critical issues pre-send.

Moreover, marketers can view their link journey and the time it takes for redirects to load, the company adds. They can also preview the link destination page.

This new feature is part of Litmus' Email Guardian, a tool that monitors emails for unexpected changes. Litmus contends that it helps brands avoid poor engagement and deliverability issues.

Of course, there’s only one real question that has to be answered: How badly are customers being irritated?

Here’s one clue: 86%  of consumers say they will abandon a brand after two bad experiences, Litmus says. 



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