Miller Lite Brews Up Nostalgia With Return Of 'Great Taste, Less Filling'


Miller Lite is tapping into a whole keg of nostalgia in a new campaign reintroducing an early brand message, while fully leaning into the throwback by channeling a bygone era.

When Miller introduced the Miller Lite brand in 1975,  its marketing focused on two attributes of the beer, reflected in the tagline “Great Taste, Less Filling.”  Its advertising centered the traits by positioning them in opposition to each other in a friendly debate, with various “all stars” on Miller’s roster focused on either the “great taste” or “less filling” side of the dispute.

With the 50th anniversary of Miller Lite approaching, the brand launched a new campaign reviving the discussion, featuring a new team of “Miller Lite All-Stars.” The roster includes U.S. Women’s Soccer legend Mia Hamm; basketball Hall Of Fame member Reggie Miller;  iconic MLB stars representing rival teams, David Ortiz and Jorge Posada; and, for some reason, actor Luke Wilson (not to be confused with the former NFL tight end of the same name), who did play a tennis phenom in Wes Anderson’s classic “The Royal Tenenbaums.”



The debut ad in the campaign, entitled “Destiny,” focuses on another member of the team --  five-time Pro Bowl defensive end J.J. Watt -- coming out of retirement to join the Miller Lite All Stars, with Hamm, Miller, Ortiz, and Wilson also appearing in the ad. The spot concludes with the tagline, “Tastes Like Miller Time,” followed by Wilson asking whether it’s both “Great tasting and less filling.”

So which side is the former Houston Texans star on?

“Growing up, I watched the biggest names in sports battle it out in the iconic debate of what makes Miller Lite so great,” Watt said in a statement. “I’ve always been team ‘Less Filling,’ and that won’t change,”

Beyond “Destiny,” the campaign will include another pair of ads stirring up the debate, with Watt appearing alongside Miller and Wilson in “Suite” and former rivals David Ortiz and Jorge Posada starring in the Spanish-language “Ritual.” The campaign, which will continue throughout the year, launches today for the first round of March Madness, and will run across TV, online video, social, and digital, and also includes OOH activations.

Miller Lite is also cranking up the nostalgia factor even further (after adjusting for tracking and checking the connections in the back of the TV) with a fond nod to bygone formats with“Beer Tapes.” The double-feature initiative includes a real playable VHS tape featuring an interactive fan experience inviting fans to join the debate, while providing details on a promotional giveaway offering a chance to win free beer for a year.

Furthering the retro nature of the campaign, the tapes will only be available at a nearly obsolete franchise. The “Miller Lite Beer Tapes” will be given away on March 28 at the last remaining Blockbuster, in Bend, Oregon. For those unable to make it the store, Miller Lite is also offering a chance to win a “Beer Tape” through a sweepstakes online, with further details on the brand’s Instagram page, @MillerLite.


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