Olivia Culpo Has 'Zero To Hide' In Body Armor Debut Alongside Christian McCaffery

Nearly a year after news of her engagement to 49ers running back Christian McCaffery, model and actress Olivia Culpo is engaging with a brand that’s got an existing relationship with her fiancé. She stars in a new ad for BodyArmor Zero Sugar that also features McCaffery.

Before launching its new BodyArmor Zero Sugar brand back in January, the brand spent months working on a strategy for the launch, including how to continue to generate buzz for the new product following a Super Bowl campaign that featured the product, BodyArmor CMO Tom Gargiulo explained.

Speaking to Marketing Daily about the Zero Sugar launch back in January, Sabrina Niland, BodyArmor vice president innovation and strategy, hinted that the launch would be supported by a dedicated “fun campaign in the next couple of months,” focusing on “real hydration and that we have nothing to hide.”



As it turns out, “Nothing To Hide” is the name of the campaign, and its launch spot.

In the ad, Culpo is filming with a production crew at the couple’s house when McCaffery shows up with a bunch of BodyArmor Zero Sugars, telling her, “I was hoping you could get some people to drink it, they’ll listen to you.”

Culpo suggests he has an overly simplified idea of how influencer marketing works -- a message which seems to be undermined by how quickly the drink’s popularity spreads once she’s seen enjoying it.

The campaign will run nationally across streaming CTV and audio platforms, digital and social, as well as receiving support from OOH media elements, retail activations, and local sampling events in markets across the U.S. throughout the remainder of the year. Digital components of the campaign will include custom video, editorial, and influencer content.

 In a statement, Culpo called the campaign “a lighthearted way to show how Christian and I have ‘Zero to Hide’ in our relationship,” adding that both partners are “into wellness and taking care of our bodies,” which made teaming up for the campaign feel like a natural fit.

One interesting aspect of the campaign’s launch spot is its decision to eschew the BodyArmor brand’s “Nothing Is More Real” tagline, and, in fact, avoid including one altogether -– opting instead for a focus on highlighting product benefits.

Gargiulo said BodyArmor has seen “rapid growth” in the zero sugar sports drink category, adding that brand is “excited to finally have a product that goes head-to-head with our top competitor” (Gatorade) in a sports drink sub-category that has reached $1.75 billion in retail sales, and grown over 100% over the course of the last five years.

The focus on sugarless offerings extends well beyond BodyArmor, too.

“There is a dedicated focus on zero sugar offerings across the entire portfolio for Coca-Cola, and of course, for us at BodyArmor. It’s a no-brainer to leverage the opportunity and trend  to expand our offerings accordingly to meet consumer needs -- so we’re leaning on that big time,” he said.


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