Johnsonville Wants Americans To 'Keep It Juicy,' Lower The Rage, Up The Fun

Johnsonville, a sausage brand that sells 80 different varieties of sausage across 40+ countries, wants Americans to rage less and enjoy life more.

That's the message behind its new national brand campaign called “Keep It Juicy.”

The TV spots airs across national television. The integrated media buy includes radio and digital ads, across both traditional and retailer-specific sites. The 60-second spot is HERE and a 30-second block-party spot HERE.



Hold Fast did the creative work, voiced by actor Vince Vaughn. The spot advises people to lower the temperature and up the joy, sharing a meal with friends and family. 

A new study by Harris Poll, done in conjunction with the campaign, found many Americans feeling exhausted by the negativity and anger in the country. Those feelings are exacerbated by a news cycle driven by divisiveness nationwide.

The poll found 71% of Americans agree it’s easier to hang out with people whose views they don't necessarily agree with if they are enjoying a meal they love.

“A sausage company making a cultural statement about America is sort of ridiculous,” said Brian Ganther, Hold Fast executive creative director. “But the truth is, anger is addictive — and 2024 is only going to get more heated. So why not a sausage company to encourage folks to turn down the temperature a bit, hang out together and have a little more fun?”

Johnsonville’s drivers are also taking the campaign on the road with a “Keep It Juicy” campaign-branded truck fleet. The campaign also includes a social media plan: Johnsonville on Instagram, @Johnsonville and the hashtag #KeepItJuicy.

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