Google Advertisers Gain Generative Image Tools For Demand Gen

Google on Tuesday introduced the latest generative image tools in Demand Gen that let advertisers quickly produce high-quality images in a few clicks. 

Demand Gen, initially introduced to advertisers last year, allows them to create images as well as convert new demand with visual storytelling on YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail.

Starting today, generative image tools in Demand Gen will roll out to advertisers around the world in English, with more languages to come later this year.  

Michael Levinson, Google Ads vice president and general manager, provided this example:if you have an outdoor lifestyle brand that sells camping gear, use prompts such as “vibrantly colored tents illuminated under the Aurora Borealis” to create images that will appeal to those who are shopping for camping trips to Iceland. 

Advertisers remain in control of the images. They can create new images or use existing images that perform well, and can generate similar options with the new “Generate more like this” feature.

The tools are powered by Google AI, which is expected these days. 

Google DeepMind Chief Executive Officer Demis Hassabis said Monday at a TED conference in Vancouver that over time the company will spend more than $100 billion developing different types of artificial intelligence technology. 

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