Hitting The Gift Mark: A Way To Measure B2B Campaigns

B2B brands seeking to gauge the success of their corporate gift-giving programs have a new measurement tool: Giftsenda has added tracking and reporting features to its global gifting platform. 

The platform allows corporate gift-givers to track the email open rate, click rate, gift invite acceptance rate, the cost of gifts, gift choices, the delivery status and thank-you messages from recipients, Giftsenda says. The pre-built reports are housed within the platform. 

There is only one requirement: the messages must be online.

“Campaigns that are purely based on gifts that have been sent via direct mail will have fewer metrics that can be tracked in comparison to online gift invites,” says Dmitriy Peregudov, CEO of Giftsenda,

Peregudov adds: “These gift invites can be sent via a branded email or a link that can be shared on any online communication platform. They allow recipients to choose gifts and provide delivery details - in 200 countries around the world."



The reports can be viewed on the Giftsenda platform or via the brand’s chosen CRM or HRM software, including HubSpot or BambooHR.

Businesses can provide gift recipients with a more personalized approach. And they can fine-tune the design of the invite, gift invite message and the gifts themselves. 

But there is one benefit brands may especially like: The thank-you feature.

Users “especially enjoy being able to see the appreciation from their recipients," Peregudov.

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