WPP Adds More Gen AI Firepower With Anthropic Partnership

WPP has struck a deal to integrate Amazon-backed Anthropic's suite of AI large language models (branded as Claude) into its marketing operating system WPP Open.  

The holding company has similar agreements with other large language model providers including Open AI and Google’s Gemini. Large language models--a type of generative AI--use machine learning to recognize and generate text and other content.  



Essentially, Claude will further enhance content creation and other AI-driven capabilities for staffers across WPP, the holding company said.  

According to WPP, Claude models can understand and interpret complex briefs and produce high-quality content, as well as process a range of formats including photos, charts, graphs and technical diagrams. 

The deal with Anthropic is part of WPP’s stated commitment to invest £250 million annually in AI, data and technology.  



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