Lead Conveyor: How SMBs Can Nurture Prospects With Personalized Emails

A tool that allows small business teams to nurture leads with strategically personalized emails has been unveiled by Nimble, a B2B CRM provider.  

The new offering, Email Sequences, helps small businesses streamline operations like LinkedIn prospecting through “automated follow-up emails,” says Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble CRM. 

In addition, they can accelerate customer outreach, lead qualification and deal closing, the company says.

Ferrara adds that “Email Sequences allow teams to automatically dispatch a sequence of emails triggered by recipient actions, such as opening an email, or on a preset timeline.”

This “boosts productivity, enhances lead management, and fosters meaningful customer interactions, enabling our clients to expand their outreach efficiently and effectively," he adds.



 Nimble claims that Email Sequences can help small brands:

  • Accelerate outbound lead generation and prospecting when paired with Nimble Prospector, a browser extension
  • Close the loop on inbound leads: Small firms can respond to leads and deliver personalized experiences without manual intervention, with the help of Nimble’s native Web Forms
  • Increase sales productivity by allowing teams to automate repetitive tasks such like email sending, follow-up scheduling, and sales activity logging
  • Utilize data to build results and generate feedback by tracking email replies, opens, clicks, and bounce rates
  • Scale campaigns without a proportional increases in workload and resources

Email Sequences addresses a critical need for small businesses seeking to streamline their sales outreach efforts,” says Rob Enderle, owner of the Enderle Group.

Enderle adds: “By doing so, Nimble not only saves valuable time but also significantly enhances the quality and effectiveness of customer interactions.”


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