Havas Unveils 'Converged,' New Four-Year Strategic Plan

CANNES, France -- Havas this morning unveiled a new strategic plan here built around a "client-centric approach" that it claims will provide new "hyper-personalized solutions.

The strategic plan, dubbed "Converged," includes a new holding company-wide operating system built around a commitment to spend $430 million on data, technology -- including AI -- over the next four years.

The plan, unveiled by Chairman CEO Yannik Bolloré during a press briefing, will impact every facet of Havas' organization and product, including creative, media and production.

The model builds on the so-called "Village" approach that Havas launched in 2014, Bolloré said, adding that the goal is to transform its organization -- making it more seamless and interoperable -- as well as a new client service structure led by a new, undisclosed Global Chief Client Officer.



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