WPP Unveils Nvidia-Powered 'Production Studio'

At Cannes today WPP unveiled its new AI-enabled, end-to-end production studio developed with NVIDIA Omniverse. The new application streamlines and automates the creation of text, images and video. 

Embedded within WPP Open, the company's intelligent marketing operating system powered by AI, Production Studio will provide access to the company’s generative AI content engine, also a collaboration with Nvidia that was announced last year. 



The new platform has been in pilot phase over the past year with several clients including Ford and L’Oreal.  

WPP says the new studio produces professional grade work at much faster speeds than non-AI enabled tools. 

Though Production Studio is enhanced by AI, “governance guardrails” are in place to ensure that human oversight is present at every stage of the workflow. “This ensures that content is brand-safe, ethically transparent and legally compliant,” the holding said. 

Priti Mhatre, Managing Director, Strategic Consulting and AI at WPP production division Hogarth, called the new studio a “game changer” in the brand content space. “This innovative solution empowers our clients to achieve unparalleled scale, speed, accuracy and creativity in their marketing campaigns.” 

Production Studio is now available to all WPP clients through WPP Open.  

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