Mtn Dew Continues Rush Of New Flavors With 7-Eleven Exclusives

Mtn Dew is continuing to roll out new flavors as the summer weather heats up.

The PepsiCo brand has partnered with 7-Eleven for the release of its new Mtn Dew Infinite Swirl tropical punch flavor, as well as a lemonade peach-flavored Mtn Dew Slurpee flavor.

Described as “new tropical punch flavor with a delicious combination of pineapple and berry in a vibrant blue color” in a release announcing the news, Mtn Dew Infinite Swirl will be available exclusively in a 20-ounce bottle format through 7-Eleven – including the 7-Eleven-owned Speedway and Stripes brands.

For a limited time, the new flavor will be offered with promotional pricing of two bottles for $4, with the promotion running June 26 until August 27. The “frosty white” lemonade peach Mtn Dew Freedom Fusion Slurpee will be available in 7-Eleven stores beginning June 26.



In addition to being sold at 7-Eleven’s retail locations, the new Mtn Dew offerings will also be available for delivery, via the convenience chain’s 7Now Delivery app.

The news follows Mtn Dew introducing a trio of red, white, and blue flavors for the summer: the red, berry-flavored Star Spangled Flash; Freedom Fusion lemonade white peach flavor; and “midnight blue,” berry-flavored Liberty Chill.

To promote these limited-time flavors, the brand is holding a one-day “Cooler Quest” contest June 20, calling on fans to trek to 10 outdoor locations at popular parks where coolers filled with new flavors, as well as a $250 gift card, have been hidden.

If past history is any indication, the summer limited-release approach could ultimately prove something of a testing ground for eventual flavor additions to the brand’s permanent portfolio.

During a Q1 earnings call in April, PepsiCO CEO Ramon Laguarta said the company felt good about the Mtn Dew brand, claiming it had gained market share in its category.

On the call with investors, Laguarta touted the launch of Baja Blast as a permanent addition to the Mtn Dew lineup this past January – which was supported by a Super Bowl ad starring Aubrey Plaza. Mtn Dew debuted Baja Blast as a flavor exclusively available at Taco Bell back in 2004, and began periodically releasing it as a limited-time summer release in stores around a decade later.

According to Laguarta, the brand knew the variety’s popularity as a limited-time offering and Taco Bell exclusive could translate to a “successful permanent product,” claiming it was “bringing incremental consumers to the brand,” which contributed to its ability to gain market share.

Laguarta hinted at the summer push for the brand during the investors call, stating, “Obviously, we will keep investing in the portfolio and the brand, and we have strong programs for the summer. Hopefully, that will deliver as we expect, and we’ll continue to build Mountain Dew in the category.”



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