Women Encouraged To Consider Electric Vehicles

Two nonprofits are launching a campaign to encourage women to make the switch to electric vehicles.

Clean energy nonprofit Generation180 and environmental nonprofit Reverb are behind the effort, “I’ll Drive What She’s Driving," which features musicians (including the Dave Matthews Band), social media influencers and other creatives. All of the content and digital ads were designed and produced in-house, according to a spokesperson.  

Women are less likely to purchase EVs than men, according to Edmunds, yet women account for purchasing 62% of all new cars sold in the U.S. Electric cars offer many key benefits that women value when purchasing a vehicle, including convenience, safety, cost-savings and climate benefits, according to the nonprofits. 



Women care about climate change and want to take meaningful action, says Wendy Philleo, executive director of Generation180. They also care about safety and saving on costs. 

“Driving an electric car is a great answer to those concerns, and more women need to know about the benefits,” Philleo says in a release. “I love driving an EV. They are safer, cleaner, and less expensive to maintain than a traditional gas-powered car. Switching to an electric car has been the best move for my family. I’m never going back to a gas-powered car.”

Reverb will be on hand during the Dave Matthews Band Summer Tour to promote EV driving and encourage fans to sign the Going Electric pledge at 32 concerts in 17 states nationwide.  Generation180 has similarly partnered with singer-songwriter Dar Williams during her spring tour this year. 

Through these partnerships, the groups hopes to amplify positive EV messages that break down myths and promote the cost-saving benefits of EVs, including tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act. 

Generation180 also is partnering with award-winning comedian (and 2022 climate comedy cohort member) Reem Edan to produce videos about electric vehicles, heat pumps, and climate anxiety. 

As part of the campaign, Generation180 also recently hosted an all-women “Ask an EV Owner” panel, a series they originated in 2020 to encourage EV-curious audiences to learn and ask questions from EV owners. The virtual event was co-hosted by national non-profit Women of EVs.

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