Grease Monkey Celebrates Mechanics

“If your car is running today, thank a mechanic. If you got to where you were going on time, thank a mechanic,” suggests the voiceover at the beginning of this 60-second spot.

Denver-based Grease Monkey, a flagship FullSpeed Automotive brand and automotive aftermarket services platform founded in 1978, wanted to recognize and truly thank valued mechanics at its more than 350 centers nationwide. 

The company launched a campaign highlighting those workers and all professional automotive technicians timed to coincide with the National Automotive Service Professionals Month, which occurs in June each year. 

“We really wanted to illuminate the importance of an underrecognized profession and literally thank those mechanics for everything they do,” said Stacey Pool, CMO Full Speed Automotive, in a release. 



Fortnight Collective was briefed and the entire program was developed and executed in 72 hours.

“We knew time was of the essence to not only be certain we acknowledged the hard-working pit crew but also to be certain we got work out in the world that represents the essence of what they do day in and day out,” says Devin Reiter, Fortnight president.

The “Thank a Mechanic” campaign includes cutdowns from the 60-second spot, out-of-home, and is both in-store and online for Youtube, email, Facebook, display, radio, digital boards, website and Linkedin. 

While it was created for the annual promotional month, most franchisees will use the work for the next few months, with additional assets to come.

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